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What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring (also known as body shaping or body sculpting) is the reshaping of body contours through the removal of fatty deposits under the skin.

Treatment Options

The most commonly known treatment is liposuction, a surgical procedure with inherent risks that many patients wish to avoid. Now, less invasive energy-based alternatives are available, including energy-assisted liposuction, which is usually gentler in comparison to regular liposuction. Recently, completely non-invasive treatments are showing up in the market but results are less predictable and less impressive.

What Is Laser-Assisted Body Contouring?

Energy-assisted body sculpting involves the application of energy (usually from a laser) to melt fat for manual removal or absorption by the body through a minimally invasive opening (no scarring results). The heat generated on or beneath the skin may also cause some skin contraction and tightening as well, which is desirable.

What Is The Accusculpt Procedure?

The ACCUSCULPT™ procedure is an exciting body contouring treatment developed to meet the needs of patients seeking significant results with minimal downtime. It is ideal for areas such as the hips, thighs, knees, bra line, arms, and chest. Your physician uses the AccuSculpt contouring system to remove excess fat deposits that have settled in the target regions, which also results in overall skin tightening of the treated areas. Patented technology makes the procedure safer, more effective and less invasive than competing technologies.

Safely removes excess fat deposits from the target region
Quick, minimally invasive procedure requiring only local anesthesia
Only a single treatment needed to get visible, lasting results
Your physician will work with you to customize a treatment plan specific to your physical properties and treatment objectives. Speak to your doctor about scheduling a personal consultation today.


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Courtesy of Nathan Miller, MD, USA


bodysculpting beforeafter2

Courtesy of S. J. Baek, MD, South Korea


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bodysculpting beforeafter5

Courtesy of Kota Ichikawa, MD, Japan


What To Expect

The AccuSculpt procedure starts with a physician consultation to outline the areas of concern and discuss expected results. After a small amount of local anesthesia numbs the treatment areas, your physician will make very small incisions at the edge of each treatment area. He or she will then treat the areas with the AccuSculpt laser contouring system to liquefy controlled amounts of fat. Once all treatment areas have been addressed and the fat has been removed, the entry incisions are closed with a small suture.

You will be given specific instructions on properly maintaining your new appearance. Following treatment you may experience some bruising for up to 10 days. Depending on the areas to be treated, the procedure only takes about an hour, and you can generally expect to be back to your normal routine in two to three days, making the AccuSculpt treatment the perfect Friday afternoon procedure.


ACCUSCULPT II laser system

  • The laser wavelength is ideal for melting fat and also promotes skin retraction.
  • Energy is delivered through an extremely thin optical fiber inserted through minimally invasive small needle or microcannula for precision treatment.
  • Downtime and discomfort are minimal, bruising is reduced, and there is no scarring.
  • Your physician will customize a treatment to meet your specific needs for best results and maximum comfort.
*Individual results may vary.