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Dual Mode Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser



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spectra 1 aspectra 1 b Spectra Acne Before WernerSpectra Acne After Werner Spectra Melasma Before ShiehSpectra Melasma After Shieh Spectra Melasma2 Before ShiehSpectra Melasma2 After Shieh Spectra Tattoo Before MedermisSpectra Tattoo After Medermis Spectra Tattoo2 Before MedermisSpectra Tattoo2 After Medermis Spectra Tattoo3 Before MedermisSpectra Tattoo3 After Medermis Spectra Tattoo Before WernerSpectra Tattoo After Werner Spectra Lentigo Before WernerSpectra Lentigo After Werner spectra 2 bspectra 2 a spectra 3 bspectra 3 a spectra 4 bspectra 4 a spectra 5 bspectra 5 a spectra 6 bspectra 6 a spectra 7 bspectra 7 a spectra 8 bspectra 8 a

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