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Lutronic is committed to supporting our customer's success. As part of this commitment, we have created an eCommerce site ( where you can order your tips, accessories and other consumables.

Some of the features you'll find on

  • Order accessories and consumables for a range of Lutronic products including:
    • Tips
    • Patient Brochures
    • Video Brochures
    • Spectra Lotion
    • Protective Window Lens and more
  • 24/7 access!
  • Track shipment and delivery
  • Self management of your account and order history
  • Re-order capability making future orders simpler than ever
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • UPS shipping options

New Account - Sign up instructions:

You may use this "Create an Account" link to go directly to the Create an Account page
Visit and click on the 'My Account' link, then click on 'Create Account'

New accounts require approval (one-time process) and are typically approved within one business day. You will receive an email notification once your account is approved.